Three Questions for You

Are you a woman who is an editor, agent, anthologist, publisher, critic, or fan involved in the field of science fiction and fantasy? Were you active between the years 1900-2000? If so, I would love to hear from you.

I would like to open a discussion specifically about any gender-related obstacles and issues you may have experienced in the SFF community at large, both professionally and/or as a fan. I would also like to know if you have not experienced any of the same. While it seems to me that no book about the work of women can exist without setting that work against the background of the culture in which that work came to exist, these obstacles, or lack thereof, are not the focus of this book. Your work is.

Three questions won’t begin to scratch the surface. However, time is money, and I do not want to waste yours. Feel free to say as much or as little as you’d like in the comments section or, if you’d rather not comment here, I can be reached at erzebet [at]

Nothing you write will be used in the book without your express permission.

1. During your involvement in SFF up until the year 2000, how well was your professional work received? (Such things as running conventions are included in the definition of “professional work”.)

2. Did you find that your experience in any way differed from that of your male counterparts?

3. Did you notice any gender-specific backlash to you or other women rising to prominence in the field (or simply existing in the field)? If so, would you care to elaborate? If not, would you care to elaborate?

Thank you for your time.

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