Three Questions for Me

Copying from Jane Friedman’s excellent post: How to Write a Book Proposal (, because I'd very much like someone else to publish this book so I can focus on the writing of it. However, if all else fails, I'll publish it myself. Please note, I won’t be putting the entire proposal online. This is only here to help me get started.

  • So what? This is the reason for the book’s existence, the unique selling proposition that sets it apart from others in the market.

  • So what? It’s all very well and good to have this information out there on the internet. Sure, I can visit fifty websites and follow three hundred people on twitter, read a score of bibliographies and figure it all out from there. But, wouldn’t it be nice to have all of this information in one, tidy package? Because that’s what I’m thinking right now. Not a pro answer, I know, but it’s a beginning.

    There are several books out there already that cover this theme, although their scope is (as far as I have seen) limited. For example, Robin Anne Reid’s Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy (2008) has a special focus on British and American work. My work will encompass every geographical region where science fiction and fantasy was being published during the years 1900-2000.

  • Who cares? This is your target readership. A unique book is not enough—you must show evidence of need in the marketplace for your work.

  • Who cares? Every woman I’ve talked to so far.

  • Who are you? You must have sufficient authority or credentials to write the book, as well as an appropriate marketing platform for the subject matter or target audience.

  • See the sidebar. SFF has been with me my whole life. I have sometimes been actively involved in the fandom community, and other times I’ve hung out on the fringe. Regardless of where I find myself, my passion has never waned.


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