About the Project

vintagerocketWe Were Always Here is the working title of a book in progress, one intended to highlight the efforts and achievements of women working in the field of science fiction and fantasy throughout the years 1900-2000. This book will focus on the authors, editors, agents, publishers, poets, and fans of influence from all corners of the world, bringing to light the vibrant voices that have contributed to what has historically been seen as a male-dominated field.

The working title for this project was taken from Camille Bacon-Smith’s The Women Were Always Here: The Obligatory History Lesson, 2002.

We Were Always Here is being researched and written by Erzebet YellowBoy (Carr), who has worked in SFF as a publisher (Papaveria Press, 2001-present), author (various, 2002-present), and editor (Cabinet des Fees (2005-present), Jabberwocky 2007-2012). Erzebet writes for the day when a project like this is no longer necessary. Read more about the beginning of this project here.

This project began in late February, 2015. In March, I created this website. This is a site about the book, a place for me to store information throughout the move I’ll be making later this year (paper notes have a bad habit of getting lost in boxes), as well as a blog that I will update as time permits. I will be writing posts featuring some of the women I uncover in my research, I’ll be posting some of my general research, and eventually I’ll be asking people to get involved by answering the three questions.

This WordPress site may serve up ads to visitors. I apologize for that. As it is a free website, I have no control over which ads appear, or even where they’ll appear. If you find them too intrusive, or offensive, please let me know.

Thank you very much for visiting WWAH.


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