This isn’t a book I necessarily want to write. It’s certainly a book I wish I didn’t feel as though I had to write. In a perfect world, we’d already be aware of the full extent of women’s presence and influence in SFF. We’d recognize some, if not all, of the people I’m presenting as well as we do that of, say, Isaac Asimov. This is not to say that women have not claimed a space in SFF. Of course we have. We know Alice Bradley Sheldon, Anne McCaffrey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and Ursula K. Le Guin. And yet, we’re still more likely to be remembered for our skirt than for our work, if we’re remembered at all.


It also seems to me that for every step we take forward, we are pushed two steps back. This has never been more clear than it is with this year’s Hugo Award nominations. And so, despite our long history of presence and influence in SFF, our work is not done yet, and that is why WWAH exists.


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